Apr 072015

So, this weekend was rather uneventful. Had kiddo as normal Thursday night, took him home Friday. After the parental duties were finished we went to see Furious 7 (AMAZING btw), we came home and there I was minding my own business walking down the hallway and then BAM doorknob to the forearm. Let me tell you that it is a killer. No bruise (YAY) but damn it smarts! Sadly that is all I have in the way of news for me on this end of things. Hope to add more to it tomorrow……if I remember.

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Apr 042015

So I am still getting used to the idea the I have a blog and that having a blog means that I have to write stuff. Crazy right? So no new injuries to report, right now. I am still dealing with the same old knee issue I have been dealing with since I was 18. Well I aggravated it again back in January and under normal flare ups it is gone in about two days, This time obviously was not the case. Turns out I am deformed! Well not in an obvious manner, I just don’t have a knee cap groove ( I know that is so not the medical term but its all I got to go on HA).

This whole ordeal has really opened my eyes to the fact that I should really try hard and get it back in somewhat working order. That being said…. I think I need to stop doing random gravity checks while I am at it! In all seriousness, it is a bit daunting not being able to move at a normal pace or go and walk around a store. I wont tell you that I am all sunshine and rainbows all the time. I get down right pissy most days. If I didn’t have the hubby to be my rock and tell me to stop pushing too hard i think I would hurt more than I already do. He is kind of awesome like that. I will talk more about him later though.  Now I think I am going to off and pass out for a while, it is late and way past my bed time.

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Mar 112015

To most accidents are defined as a one off chance, the one in a million injury. Not for me, I have turned getting hurt into an art form. Getting hurt in some way, shape or form has turned into somewhat of a (unwilling) hobby for me. People have been telling me for a long time that I need to start writing this stuff down…..I finally took them up on that idea. I’ve never written anything down for the world to see, mostly keeping my thoughts to myself locked away in some private journal somewhere. This process is both exciting and terrifying. The thought of “Oh god what if no one ever reads this”, or “Please don’t let me sound stupid.” So this is it, a chronicle of my life as told through my misadventures and injuries. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy telling you about them. The getting hurt, well I am going to keep on hating that, but no doubt it will keep on happening.


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